Cookie Statement
Titan Events BVBA is convinced that the privacy of its customers and employees, as well as its
other relations and visitors to the website is essential. The personal data will therefore be
treated and secured with the utmost care, in accordance with the requirements of the Personal
Data Protection Act. Below Find You information about the use of cookies on our website.
You are visiting, the website of Titan Events BVBA, hereinafter called ' Titan
Events '. uses cookies. A cookie is a simple little file with data that is placed on
your computer's hard drive. By using cookies, your computer can be recognized in case of a
new visit to our website.
No personal data
Cookies contain a (unique) number. They do not contain any personal data. Therefore cannot use these cookies to identify you personally. Also, cookies cannot be used
to recognize you when you are visiting other websites.
What cookies do we use and why?
We use cookies for various reasons. Cookies can be placed by itself as well as by
other parties with whom cooperates. itself inserts cookies, which ensure that you are automatically logged on in case of
a subsequent visit to the website, and cookies that facilitate your use of the website (for
example, because it remembers your preferences). In addition, also places
cookies, which are requested as soon as you visit another website from the Titan Events
network. This allows us to see whether and if so which other Titan Events website(s) you have
visited. The resulting profile is not linked to your name, address and, email address. Uses web statistics. We use these to gather information on how (often and long)
visitors use our website. This allows us to better tailor the website to our visitors. The data is
collected anonymously. We cannot trace this information back to persons or devices. The
collected data is not used for any purpose other than for improvement of the website. The
collected data will not be made available to third parties.
This is what cookies do:
Measure the speed at which the page is loaded. If we notice that it takes a long time for a page
to appear, we'll improve the page, so you can see it faster in the future.
Determine whether a unique visitor has visited the website and ensure that we can measure the
exact usage of the website for example the time and duration of your visit, which pages you
have visited and monitor error messages. By monitoring this we can, for example, make the
website more user-friendly.
Titan Events monitors the visits to our website with the help of Google Analytics. Only Titan
Events has access to the collected data in Google Analytics. To give you an idea of how the
collected data is used, a preview of the software can be seen on the Google site. Almost All
cookies placed by Google Analytics are deleted automatically as soon as the Web browser is
Other third parties who can place cookies on your computer via our website, are social
networking services such as Facebook, Twitter and GOOGLE +. This is done with the buttons of
these services that you see on the website to promote the content ("Like Me") or to share

("tweet"). When you click on a button, you leave the Titan Events website and the external
parties are responsible for information that is processed through cookies.
Do you object to the use of cookies? You can change your browser settings, so you won’t be
receiving any more cookies when visiting our websites. You can find instructions on how to do
that in the Help section of your Internet browser. At this location you can also find how to delete
cookies that are already on your computer. If you do not want to receive cookies at all, you need
to change these settings in all the browsers and on all the computers you use.
If you object to web statistics, you can also opt out of being monitored during your website visit.
You can do that by installing a special browser add-on from Google on your PC. This prevents
Google Analytics to record your visit. And nothing else will be monitored during your visit to
This add-on works for the following browsers: Internet Explorer 9 or later; Mozilla Firefox; Apple
Safari; Opera and Google Chrome.
Consequence of the Logoff
If you opt out of the use of cookies and/or web statistics, you should keep in mind that you cannot use all the features and functionalities of the website, such as automatic login or the use of social media-buttons. It may also happen that certain parts of the website are no longer visible or accessible.