De Groene Heuvels

De naam De Groene Heuvels verklapt het natuurlijk al, het park ligt in een schitterende natuurrijke omgeving met veel water. Dus opnieuw een top-locatie voor Titan Swim 2019!


Saturday 31/08/2019

Sunday 01/09/2019


Groene Heuvels 56644 KX Ewijk

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It was Supeeeer !!! I am really happy that I could participate in such a fantastic event !!! I already yearn for next year! 👍👍👍

Lenka PukovaFacebook review

What have we had a lot of fun. It was fantastic

Barbara van BastenFacebook review

super, you have to do this in groups!

Gewrt CoomanFacebook review

A great experience. I will definitely do it again. On to the next titan swim

Kim Leyfacebook review

Awesome experience and super cool obstacles! Difficulty with coming up, but luckily they helped each other. Also organized well, clearly and safely. We will definitely be back next year! Warriorss !!

Denise Van de Weijerfacebook review

Super parcour, challenging obstacles .. definitely worth the effort.

Fien Waeterloosfacebook review