Tickets :

Can I buy/purchase a ticket?

Selling or accepting Tickets is not a problem.
You can arrange this yourself in between both parties. Services like ticket swap do offer protection, but no certainty that your ticket is good.
If you buy a ticket, always ask for the data link.
That link allows you to customize your data. The TICKET alone is not enough!!!
Please let the seller contact us. He/she must report that the ticket was sold.
We only communicate on the mail address of the buyer, to avoid theft or fraud.
You can contact us via info @ titanevents.eu

How do I know if I am registered?

After registration, you will receive a registration certificate at the e-mail address you provided. (Check your spam folder) your tickets will be downloadable after you have filled out all the necessary information.
HOTMAIL Users: With Hotmail addresses, our tickets are often stopped by the spam filter. Make sure to always check your spam folder via webmail, apps on smartphone or software via Computer don’t always display all the items in your spam folder.

Can I cancel my ticket?

Unfortunately, the cancellation of a ticket is not possible, but it is possible to sell a ticket.
The data (name, leeftijd,…) can be adjusted up to 1 month before the event. Afterwards, adjustments are no longer possible.

Can we change our team name?

The team Captain can change the team name to 14 days before the event.
How do I create a team during registration?
1) You choose a Start-Wave where TEAM is behind.
2) You indicate how many teams you want to create and only step 2 fill in How many members your team has.
3) When completing the data after the payment, you will be able to enter a team name.

No mail received?

Our system works completely automatically, every mail is sent. If you haven’t received a mail, you can take the following steps.
• Check your spam folder directly via your webmail. Smartphone’s, app’s, mail programs can all stop mails and prevent you from receiving your ticket.
• Add Titanswim.be and entrando.eu to your list of secure email addresses.
• Make sure you are checking the right mail address.
• Have you made a typo when entering your email address?
If you have checked everything but can’t find a problem, contact us using the form underneath this FAQ

What if I want to register a team with more than 10 people?

You can indicate two teams in the first step of the ticketing system and that way you can register 20 participants, or three and register 30.
As soon as you provided the number of teams and participants, you enter the payment system, after the payment you can fill in the details of everyone but especially the team name.
When 2 teams use the same team name, you will be seen as one big team.

Have you already registered a team and want to join other members in your team?

This is only possible as long as the wave isn’t full.
Indicate the same wave on the ticket page, in step 1 choose to create 1 team and in step 2 how many Members (min. 2) you want to add.
After purchasing the tickets, you will receive a link via mail where you can enter details including the team name.
If you enter the same name here the tickets will be linked to each other in the result and you can participate in the contest together.

Can I add someone to a team later on?

A team consists of at least 2 people.
If you want to expand your team at a later date, you need to register at least 2 people.
The possibility of registering additional participants is only possible as long as there is still space in the wave.
Once the wave is closed it is impossible to add any other members

How do I buy a (team) ticket?

Het tickets systeem is stapsgewijs opgebouwd.
Stap 1: Geef op hoeveel teams in welke wave (uur) wil inschrijven.
Elke wave heeft zijn eigen naam, het enige verschil is het uur of soort (solo of team)

Stap 2: Hoeveel leden moeten er in je team?

Vul je naam & mailadres (vermijd hotmail, live, msn en professionele mail adressen)

Stap 3: Voer de betaling uit.
Kies de betaalmethode die je verkiest.

Stap 4: Geef alle gegevens op.

Wanneer u bevestigd wordt het ticket meteen verzonden.

What do the names of the waves mean?

Each wave has its own name. Instead of naming them 1,2,3,… we have chosen to give each wave the name of a Titan.
The only difference is the start time.
At the back you can always see whether it is a Solo wave or Team wave.

What is the difference between SOLO & TEAM?

In a solo wave, the time is registered per person, of course you can start with several together.

In a team wave, the time is registered of the last teammate. So it’s best to help your team mates to get to the finish line as soon as possible.
We always start 10 people every 2 minutes.


Are there changing rooms Present?

Dressing rooms for men and women separate, at least 250m ²

Are there any showers available?

There are no showers available, you are already in the water during the event. Afterwards you will get warm changing rooms.

Is there parking nearby?

You can park in the vicinity of the location. Follow the signs to the parking lot. Follow the instructions of our parking guards.

Where can I leave my stuff during the competition?

The cloakroom is included in the ticket price, when you exchange your ticket you get 2 straps. 1 strap is for the time registration and you will attach that one around your wrist, the 2 Strap is for the cloakroom and this one you put around your bag. ( 1 Bag per strap)

Attention! 40L is the maximum allowed volume, larger bags can be refused at the cloakroom

Are dogs or cycling allowed on the terrain?

Dogs and bicycles are allowed except on the Lilse Bergen domain

How competitive is Titan Swim?

That depends.
Our participants generally fall into two categories: recreationists who participate to have fun and on the other hand the brave athletes who take part to gain glory and victory.
We don’t mind if you’re bobbing around the entire game. All participants are encouraged to help each other in completing the obstacles. That’s what makes Titan Swim so much fun!

Where can I find the general terms and conditions?


Can I change my start time or day?

You choose your start time during registration, after that it is not possible to change this anymore. Contacting us to get us to change your start time is useless.

At what time should I be present?

The first wave leaves at 11:00h.
We recommend to be present at least 1 hour before the start time to get your ticket.
That way you certainly have enough time to get ready.

Is there a Kids Zone?

For the children we provide a bouncy castle, and of course you can also always enjoy the accommodation that are present.

I am not a good swimmer, can I still participate?

Yes. At the start you will be obligated to wear a Titan swim life vest.
So, even though you can’t swim well, you can paddle from obstacle to obstacle.
A base is of course advisable, 1km corresponds to 20 lanes in an Olympic pool.

Are the life vests required?

Yes, to guarantee safety, wearing a life vest is obligatory. You borrow a vest of ours at the start that you return at the finish line. The use of own vests is allowed after control by our employees at the start.

What are the rules?

It is forbidden to participate in Titan Swim with sharp objects.
What do I get when I sign up?
• Participation in Titan Swim
• A cool medal if you get to the finish
• Time Registration
• Supply
• 15 + Obstacles
• All day access to the location

What do I get when I sign up?

  • Participation in Titan Swim
  • A cool medal if you get to the finish
  • Time Registration
  • Supply
  • 15 + Obstacles
  • All day access to the location

What do I bring?

Your ticket
• Your ID
• Take everything you would take with you for a nice day at the beach ( because that’s what it is)
• A good mood
• Possibly surfing shoes
• Some optional items you might want to bring include:
• A towel
• A folding chair and a pop-up tent, which can be set up on our event site.
• Camera or GoPro. (If you bring a GoPro, you should put your name, email address and phone number on a piece of paper in the inside of the waterproof housing. This is the best chance to recover your camera in case of loss.)

Is there any catering on the terrain?

At every location we work together with a catering partner who can provide enough food and drinks. You can buy consumer coupons at the checkout. Bancontact is not present on the premises, so make sure to bring cash

Is there any Titan Swim Merchandise?

There are Titan Swim T-shirts, caps and water shoes available in our merchandise shop on site. If you order in advance via our web shop, the prices are cheaper and you can pick up your goods at a location of your choice.

Where can I find my time?

The times are sent by mail a few days after the event. Be sure to check your spam folder.

How do you get in touch with us?

Do you have a question that is not in our FAQ?
Fill out the Contact form underneath this FAQ.

Is there a minimum age?

From the age of 15 years (born in or before 2003) you may participate without the supervision of an adult guardian.
Are you between 12-15 years and want to participate? Then you have to convince a parent or adult guardian to join with your participation.
Each child must be accompanied. (1 parent per child)

Do all team members have to register at the same time?

Not all team members have to register at exact the same moment. After a team has been created, you can add additional people to the registration process later when at least two people have registered. Please note that you must be with at least 2 participants to register a team.
Add someone to a wave that’s sold out is obviously not possible.

What is the mission of Titan Swim?

The mission of Titan Swim is simply to give you the best day out of your life-That’s it. Other than that Titan Event is excellent to explore your limits and together with friends, family, colleagues and so on have a fantastic time. When thousands of Titans come together it is almost impossible not to have an incredible experience.

Can I participate with friends and family?

Of course, we encourage everyone to enroll in group and help each other over the obstacles.